Pay Per Click (PPC)

The advent of the Internet has ushered a new era in advertising, marketing and communication. You can attract your target customers without too much effort through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, a popular online marketing tool.

If you are considering Internet marketing to reach your target audience, the PPC could be your best possible option. PPC advertising allows you to bid on specific keywords to secure a high ranking in search engine results.

PPC is one of the most powerful and effective tools of advertising on the Internet. If you wish to advertise your website, you can host an ad on the Internet and pay the search engine hosting it only when a user clicks on it. The PPC ad has a specific keyword which best describes your products or services. When a potential customer searches for the product or service using your specific or target keyword, your PPC ad will appear on the right side of the search engine results. The beauty of the PPC ad is that it appears in front of your target audience exactly when they are searching for your offerings.

Another advantage of a PPC services India is that it is very cost-effective in that you have to pay the search engine only when a person clicks on the ad.

Simple as it may sound, you need the services of a search engine marketing company that specializes in developing and tracking PPC campaigns for maximum results. As a company specializing in PPC advertising, we at DESIGNSID can help you design, track, and monitor your advertising campaign for maximum benefits.

How our PPC campaign works

Identifying the keyword:
As a first step, our expert team will understand your offerings and then identity the keywords that best describe your offerings. We will also study your competition and use analysis tools to identify the keywords.

Creating the PPC ad:
We will then create the PPC ad with the keyword placed strategically in it

Landing page:
When users click on the ad, they will be led to a landing page on your website. We will ensure that the content of the web page answers all the queries that they might have.

Monitoring the campaign:
Our work is not complete once your PPC ad is live. We will constantly monitor the results to analyse traffic and how many visitors turn into clients. If necessary, we will modify campaign based on results.

Our PPC services are designed to manage your PPC accounts effectively so that you get the best results for your investment. Many inexperienced users don't realize that by using ineffective keywords they could end up losing a fortune on their PPC advertising campaigns. Using PPC services of an experienced company can make all the difference to your campaign and ensure optimum results for your business.

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